Phase 5

The first thing that I like about this project is that every part is divided into five stages, so I don’t feel that  I have pressure, and I was able to work on each stage carefully. The first draft was about playing digital narrative games to get the idea of how to create a game and how it works. What helped me during this phase is being able to point out what could be improved from each game. This means that I know how to use these improvements to my game. For phase two, I had to do background  research  on the topic  of my  own  narrative game. During this time, I decided to do the game about bullying as I experienced it before, so I thought I would be able to express it through the game. This phase was really personal for me because it reminds me of bad experiences. Not only this, but I also did my 1020 research paper about bullying, so I was able to gather some information about it and understand each type of it.

 The prototype was confusing to me because I did not know how to organize the game and how to choose to divide the game into two parts because I was doing it with my colleague. However, this part made me realize that it is not just a game, it is harder than I thought. I know that I did not do my best during this phase.

For the fourth phase, I had to create a digital  form  of my  Narrative Game and playtest it. This was the hardest stage. I sat for four hours while doing it because we were doing it two times as a pair, so we have to play two roles.  We sat for a long time, so at the end we missed many important points that affected the overall game, so next time I am planning to not do the whole game in one day because it was hard to think and create twenty scenarios. We did not include any images, and this affected our grade. We were not satisfied by the results, but we were able to work on the feedback. The feedback was really helpful and detailed, so it helped us improve the game. Also, the feedback we received from our classmates helped us, but they were not detailed enough, and I thought that they were not giving their true opinions. I would have given myself more time while doing the game and worked on it many times during the break. Overall, it was the first time for me to create a game, I learned how to be creative as we were creating scenarios and we have to think many times to make every scenario work with the other. I learned that I had the opportunity to do better, but I was not able to manage my time. I was able to learn how to use images in google forms. It was a new experience as it was the first time to do this activity, but also, I learned a lot. 

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